Substation Infrared Monitoring Systems
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See the Difference Real-Time Thermal Monitoring Can Make for Your Business​

  • Custom system adjustments to fit
    your site and optics.
  • User access to the online portal to
    view the remote monitoring and your
    data trends.
  • Quick, 60-minute set-up.
  • 1–3 weeks operational with the
    Thermal Safe system so you can see
    multiple daily cycles and any weekly
    temperature patterns.

Contact Us to Book a Thermal Safe Demo at Your Site!​

Booking a demo of the Thermal Safe system is a low-cost opportunity to experience a full demonstration of 24/7/365 monitoring. You tell us where, when, and what kinds of data you want to capture – and we’ll be there to install the system and get you remote access to your real-time data.