Substation Infrared Monitoring Systems
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Substation Monitoring

Who We Serve

We can provide smart substation monitoring solutions to a wide variety of electric providers, including:

Federal Power Programs

These are wholesale-only entities that provide a range of electric service functions to other utilities (mostly to municipal utilities/munis) for distribution to end-users.


Also known as co-ops, these not-for-profit entities are owned by their members. Examples include renewable energy resources and those serving rural areas not historically served by other utilities.

Industrial Electricity Customers

Businesses that consume a significant amount of electricity in order to operate can also benefit from our substation monitoring systems.

Public Power Utilities

These are also known as municipals or munis and are not-for-profit utilities owned by cities and counties, universities, or military bases.

Independent Power Producers

We also serve privately-owned businesses that own and operate their own generation assets and sell power to other utilities or directly to end-users.

Investor-Owned Utilities

Also known as IOUs, these are for-profit companies with service in one or more states.

Benefits of Choosing Delta Thermal

Get Notified Instantly if a Hotspot is Detected

If there is a potential issue with your substation, you need to know about it right away so your team can address it and prevent a system failure. With traditional monitoring, you’ll only know if there is a hotspot during routine checks. Our ThermalSafeTM technology continuously monitors and identifies hotspots using thermal imaging. This means that you’ll know instantly if a hotspot is detected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Prevent Pencil Whipping

Pencil whipping is a phrase to describe the unfortunate circumstance when a job is technically done, but the goal of the job isn’t really met. The box has been checked off, but the problem hasn’t been solved. In the context of substation monitoring, the risks of pencil whipping are substantial. By partnering with Delta Thermal, you can take advantage of a system that monitors your substation continuously, eliminating the risk of pencil whipping.

Identify Patterns with Predictive Analytics

When you send an employee with a thermal gun to check your substation, you only have access to a single snapshot in time. With our systems, you have access to a wealth of data thanks to continuous infrared monitoring. You’ll have access to predictive analytics that allow you to foresee future issues, making it possible to schedule maintenance to address them before they can become catastrophic problems.

Take Advantage of Built-In Security

In addition to infrared monitoring, our system offers perimeter security as well as physical access control. This allows you to protect your substation from unwanted visitors and keep the area secure and safe. As a result, you can protect your assets and your reputation in your community.

Let Us Help You Monitor Your Substation

Your only downtime should be scheduled downtime, and Delta Thermal can help you achieve this. We serve a wide variety of power companies. Whether you run a federal power program, an investor-owned utility, or any other entity that generates power, we’ll help you protect your equipment, workers, reputation, and community.

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